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Welcome to Barnabas Bar Petra Online. We are pleased to bring you this virtual extension of our organization's outreach programs and hope that you find our web site informative, useful and practical. Barnabas Bar Petra is a 501(c)(3) charitable, educational and/or religious non-profit corporation. The head office of Barnabas Bar Petra, Inc is located in North Carolina where the model concept of Rehabilitation Center/Camp is located. This organization is dedicated to create Rehabilitation Centers/Camps throughout the Third World beginning with the Caribbean Islands in order to:

Barnabas Bar Petra is not only interested in serving children with disabilities, but is committed to improving the quality of life of these children, their families and caregivers. Barnabas Bar Petra is dedicated to build physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of children with disabilities. Thank you for visiting.

Our Mission

To serve the Third World community by:

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